Adobe Summit

March 26-28, 2024
Las Vegas, NV

Adobe Solution Partner Gold

WillowTree is returning to Adobe Summit as a Platinum sponsor for 2024. We are ready to see you all and show you what we’ve been up to. While you’re in Vegas, we’d love to meet up to discuss your Adobe goals for this year and beyond. Find some time to meet with our team below.

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Client Session

Delivering impactful customer experiences is complex — especially as today’s customers have growing expectations for personalization. When your organization, data, and content are spread across silos it only propagates that complexity. Worse yet, it fogs customer insights, degrades experiences, and leaves profit on the table.

Mike Colombo
Chief Marketing Services Officer
Kevin McAuliffe
Chief Technology & Digital Innovation Officer
Brightline Trains

In this session, Kevin McAuliffe of Brightline Trains and Mike Colombo of WillowTree, explore:

Practical applications and use cases showcasing how Brightline Trains transformed their customer experience and implemented Adobe Real-Time CDP in 12 weeks.
Strategies to connect, standardize, and sequence data to drive better insights throughout the customer journey.
Tactics to deliver real-time personalization of messaging and offers to drive acquisition, retention, and upgrades.
Guidance on using integrated experience and content fragments to author once and publish across channels - mobile app, website, kiosk, digital signage.

While at Summit…

Breakfast Session: How TELUS Expedited Their Digital Transformation by Solving Organizational & Data Readiness Issues

Tuesday, March 26  |  8 AM

Uncover the most common reasons enterprise platform projects fail to launch or deliver expected value. Learn how to ensure organizational and data readiness to avoid risks and pitfalls that endanger CDP projects. Discover what areas of your business you need to focus on to reduce your time to value.


Happy Hour Session: Understand Inspira Financial's Go-to-Market Refresh and Digital CX Transformation

Tuesday, March 26  |  4 PM

Our client is a leading provider of retirement and investment solutions. They coupled an end-to-end brand refresh with a new go-to-market strategy built with Adobe to enhance CX. Using an AI-powered chatbot, they increased customer satisfaction while reducing call center volume and cost.


WillowTree Booth Experience

Demo 1

Connect Your Teams & Tools

See how Workfront connects teams, tools, and data to streamline complex collaborative workflows, so you can maintain control while enabling teams to thrive and deliver on time and under budget. Discover how omni-channel publishing saves time and ensures coherence across digital touchpoints.

Adobe Experience Manager, Adobe Workfront, Adobe Workfront Fusion

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Demo 2

Captivate Your Customers

Discover how to use data to tailor recommendations and messages across channels in real time. Learn how intelligent personalization enabled by Adobe’s Real-Time Customer Data Platform drives engagement across each stage of the customer experience.

Adobe Experience Platform, Adobe Real-Time CDP, Adobe Journey Optimizer, Adobe Experience Manager

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Demo 3

Control Your Destiny

Learn how AEM can help you publish quality experiences across brands and devices. See how you can use AEM to link design systems across brands and devices, so you can design once and publish across all properties – for efficiency, consistency, and impact in your digital moments of truth.

Figma, Storybook, Adobe Experience Manager

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Our Work


High-Velocity Digital Transformation for High-Speed Rail.

WillowTree’s end-to-end suite of capabilities revamped Brightline’s high-speed rail service website, native apps (iOS and Android), kiosks, digital signage, and a digital marketing engine fueled by Adobe Experience Cloud. After implementing Adobe Real-Time CDP in just 12 weeks, the transformation drove a 70% reduction in time to book in-app, plus a 34% increase in app downloads.

Financial Services

Navigating the Digital-First Frontier in Financial Services.

WillowTree partnered with John Hancock Investments, the US brand of Manulife Financial Corporation, on their digital transformation journey. Maestro’s implementation and adoption drove a 100% increase in monthly active users, a 35% increase in organic site traffic, and a 100% increase in pages per visit — all delivered in five months and with 70% cost savings.


150% Increase in Conversion Rate.

In 2022, we partnered with MaaS360 to drive higher quality sales leads and optimizations across their full marketing funnel. Combining best-in-class top of funnel strategy, email nurture optimizations, trial on-boarding refinements, and WalkMe enhancements, this product drove a 129% increase in marketing qualified leads and a 150% increase in the conversion rate of sales qualified leads.


Building a Platform Tuned to the Future of Audio Production.

Tapping into our deep Adobe expertise, WillowTree’s teams modernized iZotope’s backend and frontend systems, optimizing the brand’s eCommerce platform, CRM, and analytics. These powerful Adobe capabilities, combined with brand-forward design, catalyzed a 17% increase in sales, a 37% increase in transactions, and an 11% increase in conversion rate.

Meet Our Adobe Experts

Michael Colombo
Michael Colombo
Head of Marketing Services
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Billie Loewen
Billie loewen
Group VP, Growth, Analytics & Optimization
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Jeremy Stern
jeremy stern
Partner, Analytics & Optimization
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Tony Ferreira
tony ferreira
Senior Director, CX Enablement
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Todd Yard
todd yard
Partner, Engineering
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Samantha Curtin
Samantha Curtin
Partner, Delivery
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Kevin Punwasi
Kevin Punwasi
VP, Business Development
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Chad Hatch
VP, Strategic Alliances, Adobe