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Areas of expertise

AI Strategy & Governance

Identify use case priorities and tech stack. Establish risk management and governance frameworks. Strategically align AI with ROI.

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GenAI-Powered Experiences

Benchmark and select LLMs. Institute guardrails. Connect to systems of record. Take generative AI experiences from ideation to production.

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Data Engineering & MLOps

Shore up infrastructure. Ensure data readiness. Get ready for AI with data engineering and orchestration to data collection and annotation.

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Data Science & Machine Learning

Leverage computer vision and natural language processing. Build custom ML models and advanced analytics. Put your data to work.

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Conversational AI & Voice Technology

Empower users with voice-first experiences. Harness the efficiency and accessibility benefits of conversational interfaces.

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Navigate new terrain with an experienced AI consulting team.

WillowTree, a leading AI consulting firm, has long partnered with clients to build and deploy artificial intelligence and machine learning across industries.

From optimizing the next generation of credit scoring for a Big 3 credit bureau to enhancing clinical diagnoses with a leading medical equipment manufacturer, WillowTree’s global data and AI consulting practice makes an impact for our clients.

The advent of generative AI brings even further opportunities for innovation across business models, customer journeys, and internal workflows. It also poses unique challenges, from governance and security to bias and AI hallucinations. Our multidisciplinary teams seamlessly blend data science, engineering, strategy, and experience design to accelerate AI roadmaps responsibly and securely.


GenAI Jumpstart

Build a generative AI-powered virtual assistant prototype in just 8 weeks.

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Enterprise-Grade AI Engine

Our platform accelerates GenAI benefits while ensuring control, productivity, and trust and avoiding vendor lock-in.

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GitHub CoPilot Training

Train team members to harness the power of generative AI to drive development velocity and reduce errors.

Flexible, Scalable Collaboration Models

Autonomous squads

Accelerate roadmaps and scaled programs with self-contained, pre-normed delivery teams.

Staff augmentation

Staff augmentation bolsters your data teams with world-class data engineers and scientists.

Project delivery

Support the entire data lifecycle, from strategy and early PoCs, to execution and optimization.


LLM Benchmarking & Selection

With the proliferation of large language models — from proprietary tools like Open AI’s ChatGPT to open-source offerings like Meta’s LLaMA — selecting the right model for your use case is essential. Our Data & AI Research Team (DART) applies advanced methodologies to rapidly evaluate LLMs for speed and latency, accuracy and truthfulness, relative cost, scalability, compute, and more. 

LLM Monitoring

Given the constant evolution of generative AI tools, there is no “set it and forget it.” Monitoring for degradation and model drift is critical. WillowTree AI Engineering Services will track performance and governance compliance, identify errors or regression, and minimize AI hallucinations — all while optimizing and fine-tuning for model improvement.


Effectively deploy and manage machine learning models at scale. Our expertise ranges from building robust pipelines for model training and deployment to implementing automated monitoring and version control systems. We leverage industry best practices to ensure smooth integration of models into production environments, delivering efficient model operations and minimizing downtime. With our MLOps offerings, businesses can streamline machine learning workflows, improve model performance, and drive successful and sustainable AI initiatives.

Natural Language Processing

WillowTree’s NLP expertise spans use cases, including sentiment analysis, entity recognition, topic modeling, text classification, and more. Through advanced algorithms and machine learning techniques, we analyze and interpret unstructured text data with precision and accuracy.

Computer Vision

Our computer vision capabilities help clients extract valuable insights from visual data. Our computer vision experts leverage cutting-edge techniques like object detection, image classification, and optical character recognition to develop custom solutions tailored to unique client needs. For example, we’ve built systems that automate visual inspections, detect anomalies in medical images, assess satellite imagery to predict crop yields, and more. Our toolset includes advanced algorithms like convolutional neural networks and cloud-based AI services.

Adobe Experience Manager

Your business needs a versatile content management system to streamline workflows, enhance collaboration, and personalize content across channels. We help you spend smarter and strategically manage content and assets to ultimately boost customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Adobe Commerce

Elevate your online businesses with a comprehensive eCommerce solution, enabling seamless transactions, personalized customer experiences, and robust analytics. We’ll build through efficient, user-friendly interfaces that increase revenue, streamline operations, and foster customer loyalty.

Adobe Analytics

Explore data and gain actionable insights with robust reporting and segmentation tools. Our analytics expertise will enable your teams to better track user behavior, trends, and patterns to increase engagement, conversions, and overall efficiency.

Adobe Target

Tailor user experiences with precise audience segmentation and optimization tools. We help improve engagement, boost conversions, and maximize ROI across digital platforms.

Adobe Campaign & Marketo

Streamline marketing efforts, ensuring effective customer engagement and campaign success. Our implementations help you drive targeted campaigns, nurture leads, and optimize customer journeys, enhancing brand visibility, engagement, and conversion rates.

Adobe CDP / AEP

Create personalized experiences for consumers by bringing together siloed data and unifying customer profiles. Our CDP experts will navigate the complexities of your data ecosystem to solve for identity resolution, creating highly personalized marketing in a privacy-safe environment.

Adobe Journey Optimizer

Enhance cross-channel messaging and scale customer value with intelligent automation and personalized interactions. We’ll set you up to harness real-time data to optimize marketing strategies, enhance conversions, and build lasting customer relationships.

Customer Journey Analytics

Connect offline to online data in one seamless view for better cross-channel data analysis and actionable insights. We empower businesses with actionable insights, driving informed decisions, boosting customer engagement, and increasing conversions.

Our Partners

Case Studies

Modernizing data pipelines and ML infrastructure.

Data is intrinsic to building consumer credit. One of our recent clients, a renowned data analytics and consumer credit reporting firm, informs 3.6 billion credit decisions annually, protecting 134 million consumers from fraud. The industry-leader asked WillowTree to modernize its entire data infrastructure by incorporating modern machine learning capabilities and best practices. In doing so, we delivered tangible and significant business outcomes.

to rapidly rebuild data infrastructure from scratch
reduction in processing times
added and processed within six months
deployed to business users

Creating a safe and compliant conversational AI assistant.

Alongside federal government regulations, financial services firms deploying an AI assistant have to ensure conversations are accurate, nondiscriminatory, accessible, and policy-compliant. WillowTree worked with a longtime client to navigate these risks by creating a Dual-LLM Safety System that leverages retrieval augmented generation (RAG), and a secondary "Supervisor" function to keep the assistant safe, secure, and on task.

Sigma Squared logo

You can’t fix what you don’t measure.

Sigma Squared combines leading-edge data science from Equal Opportunity Ventures with digital expertise from WillowTree. Our modern platform identifies DEI disparities, determines root causes, and delivers personalized solutions proven to increase equity and optimize talent. Our new AI-enabled “Siggy” feature answers natural language user questions and reports on the statistical significance of the results. It can even suggest prompts for additional inquiry, helping HR teams arrive at actionable insights more efficiently.

Data-driven UX for tomorrow's electrical grid.

A global leader in transformational digital energy management and automation, Schneider asked WillowTree to reimagine the front-end UX of an emerging micro-grid product. In just four weeks, WillowTree created a working dashboard prototype with data visualizations that power deep insights for external users and internal business units.  Next, we’re partnering on technical and user research to inform the MVP for Schneider’s modernized micro-grid software product.

Vocable logo

Conversational AI, meet generative AI.

WillowTree’s free Vocable app gives a voice to the millions of US adults with speaking difficulties through voice technology, ChatGPT, and the latest in Apple technology.


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