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Establish a cohesive, ROI-centered AI strategy, from use case priorities and technology stack to risk management and governance frameworks.
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Articulating an AI Strategy

While speed is crucial, an intentional, strategic approach to artificial intelligence — and specifically generative AI — entails identifying and prioritizing use cases most suitable for deploying across the enterprise. Organizations must use the lens of ROI to create alignment among stakeholders.

Optimal AI strategy engagement also means establishing responsible governance and risk mitigation strategies: providing a framework for decision-making, ensuring high ethical standards, and addressing potential risks associated with using AI.

In instances where AI has already been deployed, it's important to audit and assess existing implementations to identify successes, improvements, or potential issues, laying a solid foundation for progress and continuous improvement.

How We Help.

AI Intent & Use Case Prioritization Workshops

WillowTree offers single-day and multi-day workshops to deliver strategically aligned generative AI roadmaps. Via our AI Intent workshops, held in-person or virtually, WillowTree’s multidisciplinary AI experts will:

  • Explore your organization’s unique North Star goals and market opportunities
  • Identify a focused set of AI use cases
  • Discuss the latest research on the edges of generative AI
  • Pinpoint potential risks and guardrails
  • Explore technology stack choices to be made
  • Generate actionable design prototypes
  • Develop a strategic roadmap to keep pace with future AI transformation

Working sessions assemble a cross-functional team of client stakeholders with a bias toward enabling action across the organization.

“The transformative workshop with WillowTree ignited our journey into AI, inspiring an innovative product development roadmap. Newfound AI insights helped us ideate a future for our current product sets and determine new ones. The team left with powerful AI knowledge, contextualized to our industry, and with loads of enthusiasm for its potential to impact our education business.”

— Amanda Peck
SVP, McGraw Hill Professional

Responsible AI Governance

We recognize that artificial intelligence systems have broad ethical implications. That's why we offer Responsible AI Governance consulting — a service designed to help clients deploy AI ethically and safely.

Our governance experts partner with clients to assess AI risks, set policies, and establish oversight procedures. We take a holistic approach — evaluating technical factors, potential biases, fairness issues, and societal impacts. Our governance framework draws on industry best practices for responsible AI, such as the NIST AI Risk Management framework, as well as emerging global regulatory guidance.

Key activities may include bias testing, algorithm audits, data studies, employee training, and community impact analyses. We also assist clients in developing model cards, terms of use, and other documentation that promotes transparency. With continuous governance, we help clients adhere to their core principles while reaping the benefits of artificial intelligence.


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