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Unlock the power of generative AI and transform your organization with WillowTree’s GenAI Jumpstart accelerator. Ready to turn your ideas into tangible outcomes, responsibly and quickly? Partner with WillowTree as we design and develop a generative AI-powered virtual assistant in just 8 weeks.
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From whiteboard to working prototype — in just 8 weeks

Executives are racing to ensure their organizations are embracing the promise of generative AI, all while navigating a complex and evolving terrain.

  • Which large language model (LLM) is best suited for our specific use case?
  • How can we mitigate and minimize the risk of hallucinations?
  • Do we have the necessary data to bring our use case to life, and is it clean and accessible?
  • How do we connect these models to systems of record? What’s the right architecture?
  • How do we effectively monitor the model's performance after it hits production and future-proof it as part of an enterprise AI platform?

With WillowTree as your guide, GenAI Jumpstart engagements are specifically designed to address these questions and more. We sprint to rapidly prioritize use cases, build powerful risk mitigation tools, and deliver a bespoke prototype that drives clarity and unlocks the potential of generative AI in your organization.


  • Working prototype / proof of concept of a generative AI-powered virtual assistant
  • Reference architecture and model selection
  • Guardrail strategy for minimizing hallucinations
  • Path to production implementation plan
“It’s amazing how fast you put this together.”
— North American Banking Client

Core activities in an 8-week GenAI Jumpstart Engagement

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  • AI Outcomes Workshop
  • LLM Benchmarking & Selection
  • Guardrail Strategy
  • Prototype Development
  • Model Fine-Tuning
  • Production Implementation Planning

Jumpstart in action

Creating a safe and compliant conversational AI assistant.

Alongside federal government regulations, financial services firms deploying an AI assistant have to ensure conversations are accurate, nondiscriminatory, accessible, and policy-compliant. WillowTree worked with a longtime client to navigate these risks by creating a Dual-LLM Safety System that leverages retrieval augmented generation (RAG), and a secondary "Supervisor" function to keep the assistant safe, secure, and on task.

Analyst Recognition

"Through user interviews, testing strategy, risk analysis, and reporting, WillowTree has not only understood users' needs, mental models, and desires related to AI-powered virtual assistants but also established the UX guidelines and added to the bank's bot experience knowledge base."

— Alison Close, IDC

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GenAI-powered experiences are driving superior customer experiences and productivity gains

Improved average handle time (target was 15%).
Leading Consumer Robots Company
Annual productivity gains from contact center agent assistant.
Global Telco
Retail associates augmenting product knowledge with a genAI assistant.
300+ Store Retailer

Discuss a GenAI Jumpstart project.

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