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What if, instead of letting our differences separate us, they sparked creativity and innovation? What if you didn’t have to fit into a mold but could be yourself at work?

Our differences, both visible and invisible, benefit our teams, our communities, and the products we craft. That’s why WillowTree strives to build a team with diverse backgrounds, skills, and perspectives. We’re committed to creating an environment of inclusion — a place where every Tree can thrive.


Core Values

We have lots of fun doing work we love—and these tenets drive everything we do.


We aim for excellence, and our love for what we do compels us to reach a higher standard. You can be proud of the work you do here.

2Sustainable Flow

The state of mind when time flies and energy is focused. We make time for it every day so we can create innovative solutions that people love.


We have a strong sense of individual responsibility. Every initiative has an owner, from major product strategy to curating which kombucha is on tap.


We acknowledge and understand the reality of the challenges we face, and we always find a way forward.

5Open Communication

We respect one another enough to give and receive honest feedback. We champion the best ideas, no matter where they originate.


Working side by side, we build meaningful connections with each other and our clients.


We treat each other with consideration and respect, and we celebrate our differences with tolerance and inclusion. You know, the way we want to be treated.

  • Glassdoor

    "I wake up each morning excited to work on my projects, which span all sorts of industries and subject matter."
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Employee Benefits

You're a person—not just a resource. That's why we offer great health insurance, paid time off, 401k matching, stock options, and kitchens full of food. Plus some extras you might not expect.

  • Lifelong Learning

    One conference per year, all expenses paid, on top of other opportunities to get better at your craft, like reimbursement for professional courses. We also hold Innovation Hour weekly which is time set aside for team members to explore their passions.

  • Flexible Work Hours

    We trust our team to get the work done, even if that's occasionally from home while your sofa's being delivered.

  • Gym Memberships

    Healthy people, healthy company. We offer discounted gym memberships and fun in-house initiatives to help you stay active and feel great.

  • Social Events

    We love hanging out together, so we gather for weekly happy hours, movie nights, team lunches, game nights, and great company parties.