Autonomy to work where and how you wish.

Work that works for you.

When the needs of our team change, we change with them. It’s the hallmark of a culture created by the team, not for the team. When team members told us they needed more flexibility around where and how they worked, we acted, creating two different systems to accommodate two different styles of work. One non-negotiable principle along the way? We had to retain our deep culture of collaboration, both among ourselves and with our clients. We believe meeting in person is critical to building human relationships—but we also believe in flexibility and autonomy. Introducing Work From Near and Work From Anywhere at WillowTree.

Work From Near (WFN)

Work and live near a WillowTree office. You're in the office two days a week—or more if you'd like. One day it's bustling, with serendipitous interactions around every corner. On the second, maybe you coordinate with your project team for an immersive whiteboard session. With WFN, the office is re-imagined as a space to primarily collaborate and socialize, enabling you to build deep personal relationships with teammates and find connection. "The Office as a Clubhouse."

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Work From Anywhere (WFA)

Work and live anywhere in the United States. You work and live wherever works best for you, and visit WillowTree HQ one full week a quarter for learning, collaboration, and building strong personal relationships. These weeks are highly interactive, well-curated, fully immersive and a ton of fun. With WFA, you are afforded the work-life blend you need, while still benefiting from the serendipity of in-office culture during your quarterly visits. "The Office as a Retreat."

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A little Q&A.

If I WFA, where will the quarterly in-office retreats take place?
With over 90,000 square feet, full-service dining and multiple outdoor courtyards, WillowTree HQ in Charlottesville, VA was intentionally designed to accommodate WFA quarterly retreats.
If I WFA, will my salary be adjusted to local market rates?
No, salary will not be adjusted up or down based on the local market. We have nationwide bands that apply to all roles.
If I WFN, can I work for a week or two from somewhere else?
Yes, WFN team members can choose to work remotely for several weeks a year as long as you can maintain business hours with your team.
Will WillowTree help me to have a comfortable setup for when I’m working from home?
Whether WFN or WFA, you will receive an initial stipend for your home setup, and an annual one thereafter to help refresh your space as needed.
When/How often can I change my mind about WFN/WFA?
You can change your mind at any time. To initiate the change you’ll have a discussion with your manager who will bring the request to our resource management team to process and begin the transfer process.
Where does WT have offices?
We have offices in: Boston, MA; Charlottesville, VA; Columbus, OH; Durham, NC; New York, NY; Porto Alegre, BR; Vancouver, BC.


Intentionally designed for both team collaboration and individual flow.

Boston, MA
Charlottesville, VA
Columbus, OH
Durham, NC
New York, NY
Porto Alegre, BR
vancouver, BC