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Your digital strategy is your strategy. Our consultants, technologists, and PhD-backed researchers deliver actionable, ROI-centered roadmaps and digital transformation agendas. Our work doesn’t end in a PowerPoint — we shift seamlessly to execution and deliver results that benefit your bottom line.
Optimize Your Digital Experiences

Areas of expertise

Experience Strategy

Map the ‘moments of truth’ along your customer journey, and envision new opportunities to engage customers, build loyalty, and drive lifetime value.

Product Innovation

Our customer-centered approach envisions new business models, progressing from raw concepts to in-market products.

Product-Market Fit

We de-risk innovation by evaluating early-stage concepts through the triple lens of customer desire, business value, and technical considerations.

AI Strategy & Governance

Identify use case priorities and tech stack. Establish risk management and governance frameworks. Strategically align AI with ROI.

Enterprise Architecture

Our technical advisors empower organizations to adapt, scale, and succeed by architecting solutions that contemplate today’s ROI and tomorrow’s technological advancements.

Technical Due Diligence

Inform M&A decisions with detailed technical analysis of a target company’s infrastructure, capabilities, assets, and risks.

“WillowTree ignited our journey into 
AI, inspiring an innovative product development roadmap.”

— SVP, McGraw Hill Professional

“The diligence and strategic rigor was unparalleled.”

— Head of Enterprise Marketing, Leading Insurance Company

Never trust an idea from 
someone who can't build it.

True innovation begins with a deep understanding of customer needs and a keen focus on ROI. At WillowTree, we strive to develop robust business models by engaging in comprehensive research and conducting user-centric analysis. This approach allows us to uncover valuable insights, address real pain points, and create meaningful value for our clients.

We recognize that ideas alone are not enough; delivery is crucial. Combining our expertise in ideation with mastery in execution, our integrated team of strategists, researchers, and technologists conceptualize groundbreaking digital strategies. We possess both the creative vision and technical expertise required to bring ideas to life with actionable plans that achieve results.

Partner with WillowTree and enjoy the confidence of collaborating with a team that can turn ideas into reality.


Pricing Strategy & Business Model

Exploring innovative, digital-first concepts demands a fresh perspective on the business model, and pricing structure, that best maximizes the opportunity.  Armed with a deep understanding of your target customers and their unmet needs, we layer on emerging trends and market dynamics - examining both ‘traditional’ competitors and emerging threats.  We evaluate different business models and their potential impact on profitability and scalability - exploring constructs ranging from subscriptions to freemium offerings and everything in between. Part and parcel is driving toward alignment on pricing structure and price points, with customer research into willingness to pay and existing in-market pricing serving as critical inputs. Ultimately, the business case serves as a rapid prototype, forcing assumptions to be stated and debated.

Experience Mapping & Service Blueprint

Mapping the end-to-end customer experience, and particularly those ‘moments of truth’, provides a detailed and comprehensive overview of all the touchpoints, interactions, and processes involved in delivering a world-class experience. This blueprint examines customer actions, employee actions, marketing touchpoints, support processes, and technology systems and interfaces throughout the experience. Mapping out the service blueprint builds a holistic view of how different components of the experience interact, and surfaces opportunities for improvement. It serves as a valuable tool for designing, evaluating, and optimizing services in a customer-centric manner.

Usability Testing

Whether software is already in-market, or in development, uncovering user pain points and usability barriers are key to ensuring customer satisfaction and return on investment. Our team of researchers and designers partner to observe and gather feedback from real users as they interact with the product or interface, using a variety of research methods suited for the task (from in-depth interviews with a single participant to scaled, unmoderated remote testing). Armed with insights into usability issues, the team rapidly develops alternative solutions for further testing.

User and Market Research

Great strategic decisionmaking demands a data-driven view of the world, be it customer behaviors and attitudes or market trends and competitive dynamics. Our research team has expertise across a mix of research methods, including:

  • Surveys
  • Interviews - both in our research facilities and in-context with the user
  • Observational studies
  • Usability testing
  • A/B testing
  • Sentiment and content analysis
  • Field experiments
  • Conjoint analysis, particular in pricing
  • Competitor research and battlecard development
Adobe Experience Manager

Your business needs a versatile content management system to streamline workflows, enhance collaboration, and personalize content across channels. We help you spend smarter and strategically manage content and assets to ultimately boost customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Adobe Commerce

Elevate your online businesses with a comprehensive eCommerce solution, enabling seamless transactions, personalized customer experiences, and robust analytics. We’ll build through efficient, user-friendly interfaces that increase revenue, streamline operations, and foster customer loyalty.

Adobe Analytics

Explore data and gain actionable insights with robust reporting and segmentation tools. Our analytics expertise will enable your teams to better track user behavior, trends, and patterns to increase engagement, conversions, and overall efficiency.

Adobe Target

Tailor user experiences with precise audience segmentation and optimization tools. We help improve engagement, boost conversions, and maximize ROI across digital platforms.

Adobe Campaign & Marketo

Streamline marketing efforts, ensuring effective customer engagement and campaign success. Our implementations help you drive targeted campaigns, nurture leads, and optimize customer journeys, enhancing brand visibility, engagement, and conversion rates.

Adobe CDP / AEP

Create personalized experiences for consumers by bringing together siloed data and unifying customer profiles. Our CDP experts will navigate the complexities of your data ecosystem to solve for identity resolution, creating highly personalized marketing in a privacy-safe environment.

Adobe Journey Optimizer

Enhance cross-channel messaging and scale customer value with intelligent automation and personalized interactions. We’ll set you up to harness real-time data to optimize marketing strategies, enhance conversions, and build lasting customer relationships.

Customer Journey Analytics

Connect offline to online data in one seamless view for better cross-channel data analysis and actionable insights. We empower businesses with actionable insights, driving informed decisions, boosting customer engagement, and increasing conversions.


Case Studies

A VIP Pass to the Pepsi Super Bowl Halftime Show.

As a greenfield innovation project, WillowTree went from 'blank sheet of paper' to award-winning Super Bowl Halftime Show app in a matter of weeks.

High-velocity digital transformation for high-speed rail.

Starting from rich customer insights and a business imperative to grow ridership, WillowTree reimagined the end-to-end customer journey for Brightline. Core to the strategy? A new martech stack built on Adobe Experience Cloud, enabling personalization at scale.


Margo Bulka
Sr. Director of Strategy
Claire Maiers
Group VP, Research
Alex Shafran
Partner & VP, Solutions Architecture
Nate Wootten
Partner & VP, Commercial Strategy

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