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Deploying Generative AI-Powered Experiences

Translate the promise of generative AI into tangible outcomes by accelerating your journey on the path to production with WillowTree’s AI Consulting and end-to-end implementation services.
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Supporting the Entire Path to Production

Strategy & Architecture
Proof of Concept Validation
Production Build & Launch
Monitoring & Optimization

WillowTree can accelerate your efforts at every step of your generative AI journey. Our teams of experts in data science, AI engineering, strategy, and experience design collaborate to responsibly and securely deploy generative AI solutions. 

1. Strategy & Architecture

Identify and prioritize high-ROI use cases for enterprise deployment.

2. Proof of Concept Validation

Bring a vision to life and begin iterating to address critical questions around data readiness, LLM selection, and security concerns.

3. Production Build & Launch

Design, develop, and test software across platforms, connecting to systems of record and employee or customer workflows.

4. Monitoring & Optimization

Benchmark LLM accuracy to prevent system degradation over time, ensuring the integrity of user experience and underlying models.

See how WillowTree worked with a leading North American financial services firm to develop a safe and secure conversational AI assistant.

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LLM Benchmarking & Selection

With the proliferation of large language models — from proprietary tools like Open AI’s ChatGPT to open-source offerings like Meta’s LLaMA — selecting the right model for your use case is essential. Our Data & AI Research Team (DART) applies advanced methodologies to rapidly evaluate LLMs for speed and latency, accuracy and truthfulness, relative cost, scalability, compute, and more. 

Model Training, Testing & Optimization

Our AI Engineering teams will test your models and review operating data to identify opportunities to improve model performance and effectiveness. Your team can then use those packages to update your generative AI models, or WillowTree can further implement necessary changes.

Generative AI Data Readiness

WillowTree’s Data Engineering teams modernize pipelines, architect data lakes, and bring MLOps best practices. Our parent company TELUS International’s capabilities in data collection, data annotation, and data validation ensure the necessary data is available and of high quality.

LLM Monitoring

Given the constant evolution of generative AI tools, there is no “set it and forget it.” Monitoring for degradation and model drift is critical. WillowTree AI Engineering Services will track performance and governance compliance, identify errors or regression, and minimize AI hallucinations — all while optimizing and fine-tuning for model improvement.

Adobe Experience Manager

Your business needs a versatile content management system to streamline workflows, enhance collaboration, and personalize content across channels. We help you spend smarter and strategically manage content and assets to ultimately boost customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Adobe Commerce

Elevate your online businesses with a comprehensive eCommerce solution, enabling seamless transactions, personalized customer experiences, and robust analytics. We’ll build through efficient, user-friendly interfaces that increase revenue, streamline operations, and foster customer loyalty.

Adobe Analytics

Explore data and gain actionable insights with robust reporting and segmentation tools. Our analytics expertise will enable your teams to better track user behavior, trends, and patterns to increase engagement, conversions, and overall efficiency.

Adobe Target

Tailor user experiences with precise audience segmentation and optimization tools. We help improve engagement, boost conversions, and maximize ROI across digital platforms.

Adobe Campaign & Marketo

Streamline marketing efforts, ensuring effective customer engagement and campaign success. Our implementations help you drive targeted campaigns, nurture leads, and optimize customer journeys, enhancing brand visibility, engagement, and conversion rates.

Adobe CDP / AEP

Create personalized experiences for consumers by bringing together siloed data and unifying customer profiles. Our CDP experts will navigate the complexities of your data ecosystem to solve for identity resolution, creating highly personalized marketing in a privacy-safe environment.

Adobe Journey Optimizer

Enhance cross-channel messaging and scale customer value with intelligent automation and personalized interactions. We’ll set you up to harness real-time data to optimize marketing strategies, enhance conversions, and build lasting customer relationships.

Customer Journey Analytics

Connect offline to online data in one seamless view for better cross-channel data analysis and actionable insights. We empower businesses with actionable insights, driving informed decisions, boosting customer engagement, and increasing conversions.

Exciting Use Cases

Generative AI excels at content creation, distillation, organization, and suggestion. We have recently partnering with clients to enhance existing products and experiences with AI-enabled features, and build new, differentiated products that  delight users and propel businesses forward. We have recently deployed generative AI solutions that:

  • Reduce call center costs through enhanced self-service tools and conversational AI assistants.
  • Optimize complex retail buying flows to increase conversion rates and reduce cart abandonment.
  • Accelerate development of training materials and simulations by organizing and repurposing content.
  • Create brand-authentic imagery and content to accelerate product development and marketing campaigns.
  • Enable commercial underwriting and reduce risk in agriculture through satellite data and computer vision.
  • Deliver voice-first, multimodal solutions to optimize for speed, safety, and accessibility.

Case Studies

Creating a safe and compliant conversational AI assistant.

Alongside federal government regulations, financial services firms deploying an AI assistant have to ensure conversations are accurate, nondiscriminatory, accessible, and policy-compliant. WillowTree worked with a longtime client to navigate these risks by creating a Dual-LLM Safety System that leverages retrieval augmented generation (RAG), and a secondary "Supervisor" function to keep the assistant safe, secure, and on task.

You can’t fix what you don’t measure.

Sigma Squared combines leading-edge data science from Equal Opportunity Ventures with digital expertise from WillowTree. Our modern platform identifies DEI disparities, determines root causes, and delivers personalized solutions proven to increase equity and optimize talent. Our new AI-enabled “Siggy” feature answers natural language user questions and reports on the statistical significance of the results. It can even suggest prompts for additional inquiry, helping HR teams arrive at actionable insights more efficiently.

Vocable logo

Conversational AI, meet generative AI.

WillowTree’s free Vocable app gives a voice to the millions of US adults with speaking difficulties through voice technology, ChatGPT, and the latest in Apple technology.

Analyst Recognition

"Through user interviews, testing strategy, risk analysis, and reporting, WillowTree has not only understood users' needs, mental models, and desires related to AI-powered virtual assistants but also established the UX guidelines and added to the bank's bot experience knowledge base."

— Alison Close, IDC


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