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10 Steps to Launching Adobe CDP.

Every day, avenues for reaching target audiences fragment and multiply. In this splintered landscape, customers expect deep and intuitive personalization. How can a business learn from the preferences of individual users across so many platforms and devices, driving personalized experiences?

That’s where a customer data platform (CDP) comes in.
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A note from WillowTree
Senior Director, Adobe Practice
Tony Ferreira

The growth marketing ecosystem is shifting as new technologies, use cases, and expectations emerge daily. Amid cross-enterprise data silos, consumers clamor for more personalized brand interactions.

A CDP is a hub for customer profiles — across multiple channels and platforms — driving easier integration, segmentation, and customer personalization. A customer might interact with a brand across many digital touchpoints in a single day, and these customer experiences occur across multiple devices. That single customer might exhibit different characteristics or share unique information on their mobile device versus their tablet, laptop, or wearable device.

The problem is clear: different parts of a business hold different parts of a customer’s data. A CDP breaks down these silos and houses all customer data in one central location, enabling more personalized experiences.

While there are many CDPs, Adobe Real-Time CDP — an integral part of the Adobe Experience Cloud — offers distinct advantages. This guidebook will help you understand and activate those advantages to maximize your CDP investment and drive real business growth.

In this guide, you'll learn:

  • What a customer data platform (CDP) is, how it works, and why we like Adobe Real-Time CDP.
  • How to define business objectives and outline initial use cases.
  • How to collect data and prepare it to be loaded into Adobe CDP.
  • The proper way to build out customer profiles, segments, or schema.
  • How to activate and integrate with Adobe CDP and launch the MVP.
  • How to test Adobe CDP's identity resolution using Adobe Experience Platform.
  • How to orchestrate customer journeys and analyzing effectiveness with Adobe Journey Optimizer and Customer Journey Analytics.
  • How to train and activate the rest of your team.
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