Your A-Team for Delivering on the Adobe Experience Cloud.

Adobe Experience Cloud

We deploy cross-functional teams with the expertise to select, implement, and manage the right marketing and analytics tools within Adobe Experience Cloud to craft personalized customer experiences at scale so you hit your goals sooner.

Adobe Real-Time CDP

We navigate the complexities of your data ecosystem to solve for identity resolution. By developing integrated user profiles and consolidating data across every touchpoint, we are able to create highly personalized marketing at an individual user level in a privacy safe environment.

Adobe Journey Optimizer

We leverage our deep technical and marketing strategy expertise to create omni-channel customer journeys, optimize performance based on data-driven insights, and implement the personalization and automation features that unlock real-time digital experiences.

Adobe Journey Analytics

We analyze robust data sets with inputs across hundreds of sources to generate clear, simple visualizations for end users to derive meaningful insights and identify actionable optimization potential throughout the funnel. The result?  Stronger ROI.

Our Capabilities.

You now have the Ferrari of experience platforms. It’s beautiful, it’s powerful, and it needs a very specific mechanic to make sure it runs smoothly, effectively, and for a good, long time.

WillowTree is that specialist.

With over a decade of Adobe solution experience, we leverage our end-to-end expertise to help you unleash the power of your platform to create memorable, transformational digital experiences.

We partner with you to clearly define your digital roadmap, modernize your Adobe architecture, and establish a framework to scale.

WillowTree is here to help you build, execute, and optimize to deliver new world-class experiences for your customers.

Adobe Experience Cloud
Adobe Real-time CDP
Adobe Full-stack
Adobe Journey Optimizer
Adobe Journey Analytics

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100% Increase in Monthly Active Users.

Built on the Adobe Experience Manager, we worked with Manulife to craft an industry-leading showcase with a state-of-the-art infrastructure on the back-end to optimize marketing efforts, drive engagement, and craft more personalized digital experiences.

increase in monthly active users
decrease in bounce rate
increase in document downloads

150% Increase in Conversion Rate.

In 2022, we partnered with MaaS360 to drive optimizations across their full marketing funnel and higher quality leads for sales. Combining best-in-class top of funnel strategy, email nurture optimizations, trial on-boarding refinements, and WalkMe enhancements, this product saw a 129% increase in marketing qualified leads and a 150% increase in the conversion rate of sales qualified leads.

100% Increase in Email Open Rates.

We collaborated closely with IBM on their Marketo migration and execution resulting in 300,000 email deliveries across 15 products and 8 languages.  These emails resulted in a 2X higher open rate with outage mitigation and on-time delivery.

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“Creative workflow and asset and data management are the critical drivers of success, and that’s about people. We need to ensure that everyone is educated, supported, and getting the most out of the technology.”
Mike Colombo
managing director, adobe practice, willowtree

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