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Reducing High Call Volume and Unlocking Personalization with Adobe Customer Journey Analytics

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THE Context

High Call Volume and Siloed Data

TELUS is a leading Canadian telecommunications company that prides itself on customer centricity, providing a truly personalized experience when and where customers need it most — whether online, by phone, or across their retail footprint.

They needed a unified view of customer journeys across channels to drive engagement and retention. But customer data existed in silos, limiting insights. As with any telecom, high call volume and a lack of automated workflows can strain customer service resources at call centers.
TELUS had invested heavily in Adobe to address this intrinsic challenge, but needed help to leverage the platform fully. They wanted to implement Adobe Customer Journey Analytics (CJA) to create a singular view of every customer interaction across numerous online and offline data sources.

TELUS chose WillowTree, an Adobe Gold Solution Partner, to complete the complex rollout and maximize ROI.

Here’s what happened next.

Flow view of events after a customer activates a product, including web/app views, calls, billing inquiries, and chatbot-voicebot interactions.


Blending Online and Offline Data Sets

Significant configuration and implementation work was required to harness the power of Customer Journey Analytics. WillowTree first conducted discovery, documenting TELUS’s far-ranging data structure, systems, call center workflows, and business goals.

We then configured 8 datasets based on 15 online and offline data sources within Customer Journey Analytics to enable a complete view of customer journeys. This included both online and offline data from their voicebot, chatbot, website, product activation, billing, call centers, and MyTELUS mobile app data sources.

This online and offline data had no common identifier across all sources, so WillowTree worked with TELUS to develop and execute custom user stitching. Adobe Experience Platform allows users to write custom SQL to manipulate this data, so WillowTree’s expertise in this area was essential to enrich the unified profile.

“This goes way beyond simply building Adobe Customer Journey Analytics dashboards. Blending online and offline data sets helped transform TELUS’s highly complex, intricate data system into a usable product.”

Nick Dormer
WillowTree Director, Delivery Lead 1

For a deeper dive into how we leveraged Adobe Customer Journey Analytics, check out our full 30-min Room For Growth podcast episode with Mike Kellner, TELUS Director of Data AI & Analytics

"Data producers don't necessarily understand business requirements or the format and structure the data needs in order for a commercial team to extract insights and value. Our team provided a customized solution to provide features that the Adobe platform didn't offer."

Yale Newman
WillowTree Senior Adobe Data Engineer

Connecting the Dots

With TELUS data unified, our next crucial step was making this data equally valuable for engineers (data producers) and business teams (data consumers).

WillowTree assisted TELUS in layering a translation system on top of the Adobe platform, allowing data consumers to extract value without asking in-house engineers to make these changes. This required a deep understanding of cloud providers, data engineering best practices, data warehousing, and marketing products like Adobe Experience Platform.

This is a groundbreaking capability for TELUS. Before, even updating their KPIs required a lot of SQL, and exploratory analysis with respect to customer journey was not feasible. Now, they can seamlessly follow a single user and do journey-level analysis, gaining a holistic view that answers a wide variety of business-critical optimization questions.

WillowTree doesn't merely work within the Adobe platform; we work on top of it too.


Gaining Immediate Insights to Reduce High Call Volume

WillowTree's implementation is giving TELUS unprecedented visibility over the customer journey and why customers call, enabling powerful engagement and increased ROI by reducing high call volumes. For example:

  • Insight: A substantial number of annual phone calls come from customers who visited the TELUS app/website within 1 day prior.
  • Impact: Targeted web/app adjustments can answer customer service questions, enable self-service, and prevent high call volumes before they happen.
  • Insight: High call volumes spike 3-4 days after bills are sent, especially if bills are higher than their prior 3-month average.
  • Impact: TELUS can preemptively detect and proactively address these billing issues, sending push notifications and in-app messages to ease billing confusion and reduce high call volume.
  • Insight: Customers are much more likely to contact call centers on their first day after activating a wireless product.
  • Impact: TELUS can now isolate and analyze wireless onboarding, enabling targeted improvements and reductions in associated call center costs.

"Every one of TELUS's customer interactions is with a real person expressing a need. In many cases, data showed that customer effort was entirely avoidable. This program helped TELUS ensure the right level of support for their customers so they can proactively address issues without  burdening the most important person in this experience: the customer."

Jon Yildiz
WillowTree Senior Analytics Architect

"WillowTree has really helped us accelerate our learning curve. Adobe Customer Journey Analytics is relatively new in the industry and WillowTree has such a breadth of knowledge and a lot of experience with Adobe products in general. Working with them to develop our use cases and set up an environment to onboard other groups quickly and easily has been a huge win."

Mike Kellner
Director, AI Data & Analytics, TELUS
Capitalize on Adobe Experience Cloud

Get More from Your Adobe Investment

Like TELUS, you may be struggling to harness the full power of your Adobe tools due to data complexity and silos. Whether you’re thinking of buying Adobe, have already invested in this MarTech stack, or are trying to better optimize an implemented Adobe platform, WillowTree can support you at any stage.

Our Adobe-certified experts go beyond standard integrations to deliver highly customized implementations and automated workflows tailored to your unique business needs.

The results, as TELUS discovered, can be transformative. Unified data unlocks personalized customer experiences, optimized journeys, deeper collaboration, and reduced costs.

Don't leave money on the table — partner with WillowTree to maximize your Adobe ROI through expert configuration, seamless integrations, and actionable insights. Connect with us today to explore how WillowTree can help you capitalize on the full potential of Adobe Experience Cloud.

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