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Design That Elevates Patient Empathy and Medical Expertise.

Ermi’s mission is to help patients with severe motion loss return to the activities that make their lives complete. The company provides cutting-edge medical devices and expert support services in partnership with physicians and healthcare professionals.

Though Ermi had astounding success metrics for its product line and professional support, the brand’s story wasn’t resonating with its primary audiences. As Ermi aimed to expand its national reach, patients hoped for a more empathetic narrative, physicians sought human-centered results, and insurance payors needed clear cost savings.

WillowTree knew the remedy.

We teamed up with Ermi to transform its entire brand — story, creative, and web presence — all thoughtfully designed to deliver Ermi’s solutions to a broader audience.

A new era has started for Ermi. As we launched our new brand, WillowTree was a great partner in helping us develop it.”

Bob Baumgartner   |   Ermi, Director of Marketing

Strengthening the brand’s value proposition for patients and professionals.

Implementing new medical treatments within the complex and highly-regulated US healthcare system requires time and effort. Patients, their physicians, and insurance providers must clearly understand the value of any new-to-market treatment. Ermi needed a brand narrative that provided clarity for its core audiences and inspired them to take action.

WillowTree conducted stakeholder and client interviews, performed competitive and industry research, and leveraged our Five-Act Story Framework to craft a new, detailed, business-relevant story of Ermi to its various consumers.

Based on these findings, we created Ermi’s Free to Move Again, Free to Live Again campaign, telling a story that resonates and empathizes with people who care about healing severe motion loss.

Branding that brings movement to life.

Using the messaging work as a foundation, WillowTree built a unique visual brand and design system: emotional yet elegant, and scalable across print and digital experiences.

We reimagined Ermi’s brand as human, approachable, and expert in the field. Ermi’s new logo mark illustrates the core value of the Ermi program: restoring a full range of motion so patients can live their lives to the fullest.

We designed a new logo mark that visualizes the full range of motion each patient hopes to regain after using an Ermi device.
We developed unique visualizations representing four joint movements: flexion, extension, pronation, and supination.
Our construction of Ermi’s logo influenced the brand’s visual system and narrative.

Launching an omni-channel brand experience.

Rebrands create value and generate leads by transforming assets into experiences. With Ermi’s reimagined brand messaging and visual identity in place, we integrated these new components into cross-channel print and digital platforms — ranging from conference booths to wearable tech and more.

WillowTree built a custom website distilling Ermi’s prior work into a single source that told its new story, showcased the brand, and segmented its audiences according to their needs as patients, insurance payors, or healthcare providers. This web experience gave Ermi the foundation to scale its eCommerce, personalization, and marketing efforts.

We also produced videos, product photography, and brochure collateral aligned with Ermi’s new message and brand.

Web visitors now engage with a more cohesive and compelling Ermi brand experience across all devices and user segments.

Ermi’s new brand is right on target for the market.”

Optum, one of Ermi’s largest clients
Optum, one of Ermi’s largest clients
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