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AI Dialogues

Navigating the Generative AI Landscape: 10 Questions Informed Executives Are Asking (And Our Current Answers)

In the following dialogue, we demystify ten questions we often hear from clients interested in applying generative AI to their business, alongside our most current answers and approaches based on our real-world experience.

LLM Benchmarks

Can Data Subsampling Make Evaluating LLMs Faster and Cheaper?

Large language models, or LLMs, help businesses deliver better customer service, build better products, and run tighter operations. However, LLMs are not created equal, and creating LLM benchmarks to find the right model for the right application is costly. But what if technology leaders could confidently benchmark LLMs using only a fraction of their current data?

Adobe Experience Cloud

Unleash the Power of Your Platform

Adobe is the Ferrari of experience platforms. That’s why we created this guide: to help you take the next step with the most powerful, efficient, and reliable marketing tech stack on the planet. And the next step. And the next.

Adobe Customer Data Platform

10 Steps to Launching Adobe CDP

Every day, avenues for reaching target audiences fragment and multiply. In this splintered landscape, customers expect deep and intuitive personalization. How can a business learn from the preferences of individual users across so many platforms and devices, driving personalized experiences? That’s where a customer data platform (CDP) comes in.

React Native

It’s Time to Embrace React Native

Since its launch in 2015, React Native has matured into a versatile, efficient cross-platform framework. Our clients trust us to recommend tooling that is capable and stable for the long run, so we created WillowTree’s React Native Pilot Group to put the cross-platform development framework through its paces. The bottom line? We’re all in.


What You Need to Know Now That You’ve Bought Braze

Here at WillowTree, we’ve helped dozens of Fortune 500 companies migrate and implement Braze. This short, actionable guide represents our Braze experts’ takeaways and best practices that will accelerate your time to value and put your business lightyears ahead of the competition.

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