Global Credit Card Rewards Programs: How Consumer Preferences Change by Region

Credit card usage continues expanding worldwide, surpassing cash payments in more and more nations. But successfully launching a rewards program in one global market doesn’t guarantee loyal consumers in another. This study breaks down the cultural norms, spending habits, and consumer preferences of five major regions so your global credit card rewards resonate with new members.

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Why We Did This Study on Global Credit Card Rewards

Achieving global scale requires a localized understanding of every market. Without that “boots-on-the-ground” knowledge, your credit card rewards may entice some signups, but won’t earn the long-term loyalty needed to drive continued ROI.

To launch personalized card offers that excite new audiences in new markets, financial services companies need a data-backed resource that shows where consumer preferences overlap between international markets — and where they diverge.

This study unifies consumer surveys across five major regions (Asia—Pacific, Europe, Middle East—Africa, North America, and South America) and distills actionable insights, such as:

  • Cash back is king, even when rewards points and discounts technically offer more value
  • Consumers prefer to redeem points on essentials like groceries rather than airline travel rewards
  • Cardholders want transparency on points earned, bonus rewards, and statement credits (and when they expire), all presented via a seamless mobile app experience.

With these universal insights and many more region-specific takeaways, your brand will create go-to-market strategies that emphasize your credit card’s flexibility for earning rewards and valuable perks, positioning you to successfully launch or relaunch into global markets.

Download the Report

In this report, you’ll learn:

  • The most consistent predictor of loyalty for credit card rewards programs
  • The  “Investment Model of Commitment” framework for understanding consumer brand loyalty
  • How seamless digital experiences accelerate brand loyalty and credit card usage
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