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September 13, 2023

Unpacking the AI Implementation Landscape feat. CEO Bret Kinsella

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Preparing for the future of AI is a top priority for startups and Fortune 500 companies alike. Where’s the best place to start? When it comes to brand messaging in digital marketing, how will AI impact the ‘era of authenticity’? How will increasingly ubiquitous AI chatbots affect customer engagement as they become another competitor for attention and information retrieval?

Bret Kinsella, Founder, CEO, and Research Director of, explores these challenges and offers solutions to effectively leverage generative AI’s transformative potential. His insight on the future of AI takes cues from the lessons of pre-generative AI applications: he doesn’t believe content creation should blindly increase simply because AI offers efficiency. Marketers need to act differently.

In this far-reaching conversation, Bret leads us through the path of AI production and implementation, where ethical quandaries surrounding policy and data governance loom. As a leading voice in artificial intelligence, Bret dives into best practices, keeping in mind the changes in customer expectations, the trend towards more polished marketing productions, and the future of online monetization. This episode is essential listening for longtime AI enthusiasts as well as new initiates grappling with AI adoption.

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Topics Discussed
  • Is artificial intelligence really going to take your job?
  • AI's impact on customer expectations and engagement
  • Challenges in delivering personalized experiences
  • The best AI apps for productivity and quality
  • Strategies for preparing for an AI-driven future

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