Room For Growth

July 6, 2022

Taking Live Sports Engagement from Airball to Slam Dunk feat. WillowTree's Alyssa Baker

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Episode Description

Fan experience is top of mind for any marketer involved in the sports world, but very few brands have nailed the strategy and execution of omnichannel fan engagement in live sports. In the pilot episode of Room for Growth, Billie and Billy are joined by WillowTree Growth Manager Alyssa Baker to talk about her experience managing touchpoints such as email, push, and in-app notifications to engage NCAA fans throughout the March Madness tournament. Alyssa shares how her team balanced a hybrid of manual and automated messaging, controlled notification frequency, and adjusted their strategy based on how fans responded to the broader context of the tournament.

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Topics Discussed
  • An introduction to our hosts, Billie and Billy
  • Opportunities to personalize the strategy and execution of live sports messaging
  • Our guest Alyssa's strategy and execution of push notifications for the NCAA Basketball Tournament
  • Optimizing automation through Braze


If you are considering Braze or implementing any other marketing automation platform, the experts at WillowTree have put together a comprehensive guide. Take a look at best practice takeaways that come from implementing Braze and other platforms for some of the world's most recognizable brands.

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