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Campaign Production & Execution.

With a million campaign options and tools at your fingertips, our cross-functional teams prioritize the right actions to take in the right order so you can hit your goals sooner. We use build, measure, and learn cycles to optimize and scale your campaigns alongside your business.

Growth Strategy.

We craft customer-centric, data-driven strategies that empower your programs with actionable steps to achieve your business goals and drive meaningful, memorable customer experiences.

Creative Design & Content.

Great marketing is nothing without a great user experience. We are on a mission to create frictionless, authentic digital experiences through scalable, adaptive design and development.

Implementation & Development.

We’ll help you select and implement the ideal growth tool integrations to fuel personalized, cross-channel experiences designed to drive higher returns on investment and increase customer loyalty.

Our Capabilities.

Great marketing, excellent user experiences, and technological expertise are crucial to performance.

We’re the only agency proven in all three.

WillowTree’s growth marketing practice was founded on the principle that you should only trust a marketing idea from someone who can build it. We leverage our deep MarTech expertise with the most innovative growth practices to make your biggest campaign ideas a reality.

We move our clients rapidly from idea to strategy to automation, the right way.

We activate data-driven marketing campaigns that amplify loyalty and drive revenue.

Our Partners.

Personalizing the Sports Media Playbook

Go behind the scenes with WillowTree as we rapid-prototype better digital experiences.  In this episode, join our marketing all-stars in collaboration with valued tech partner Braze as we tackle the world of sports media and its interconnected revenue streams.

Watch the Episode
Episode 4 Trailer

In this sneak peek, WillowTree’s Billie Loewen explains how we approach the gaps and opportunities within sports media marketing.

WillowTree + Braze

Learn about our partnership with Braze and how we leverage the platform’s capabilities.

Enhanced Segmentation Leads to 67% Increase in Unique Clicks YoY

With a year’s worth of testing knowledge, expanding personalized content to 91% of email customers, and establishing new best practices around audience segmentation we were able to increase unique email clicks from 43.7k to 73.1k YoY.

150% Increase in Conversion Rate.

In 2022, we partnered with MaaS360 to drive optimizations across their full marketing funnel and higher quality leads for sales. Combining best-in-class top of funnel strategy, email nurture optimizations, trial on-boarding refinements, and WalkMe enhancements, this product saw a 129% increase in marketing qualified leads and a 150% increase in the conversion rate of sales qualified leads.

“WillowTree is the best firm we worked with, I think that I’ve ever worked with, and their leadership across our CDP implementation was great.”
– VP of Analytics, Wawa

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