Room For Growth, Episode 8

Room For Growth

Episode 8  |  August 24, 2022  (51 min)

Intentionally Transparent Marketing feat. Ohio Liquor's Lorraine Terry and Kristen Castle

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Episode Description

This week we are joined by Kristen Castle and Lorraine Terry, two talented marketers from WillowTree client Ohio Liquor—a public-private partnership that helps promote safe consumption of liquor in the State of Ohio. Kristen and Lorraine share how OHLQ creates stellar marketing experiences while safely promoting the sale of high-proof liquor products and directing profits toward statewide economic development.

In this episode, Billie reveals how OHLQ achieved record-high performance rates (in terms of click-through, engagement, and attribution) and OHLQ discloses its unique tech stack. Our liquor experts also share their go-to cocktail and mocktail recipes. Meet us at the bar for an educational and “spirited” fifty minutes of marketing insights.

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Topics Discussed
  • The changing landscape of spirits marketing
  • The increase of marketers intersecting with company operations
  • Learning customer preferences to prioritize and personalize messaging
  • The value of adding touch points that focus on delighting customers
Billie Loewen
Billy Fischer
Show Description

Join WillowTree experts Billie Loewen and Billy Fischer for a deep dive into growth marketing. In each episode, Billie and Billy will discuss the latest news and topics in lifecycle marketing, chatting with a wide array of guests including WillowTree colleagues, client-partners, and industry thought leaders. Let's grow!

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