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Multi-modal voice. A must-have for the multi-tasking shopper.

We take the hassle out of hands-free.

Need to quickly — and safely — change your order en route to pickup? No biggie. Voice experiences should harmonize with digital experiences, and our multi-modal voice framework powered by Speechly helps shoppers make decisions more efficiently and effectively.

Location, location, location.

Track your customer’s journey through geofencing.

What happens when customers are on their way? The app’s personalized capabilities step in with door-to-door delight. Through real-time order tracking, customers know exactly where their order is in the fulfillment process.

Location services launch app clips to create a seamless journey for customers and serve up timely notifications for employees. The product’s geofenced zones (powered by leading geofencing platform Radar) share when and exactly where shoppers land in the parking lot.

Last in the queue?

It happens.

Customers want transparency.
 We can clear things up.

Once shoppers park, they can pull out their phones to scan a QR code at the concept’s multi-purpose Check-in Kiosk. Forgot your wallet, or don’t want to get out of your car? No worries. No ID check, pin or license plate number needed at this curbside pick-up.

Rather than mindlessly scrolling in the parking lot, shoppers can also use the kiosk to track their wait time, check out shopping tips, consider add-on items, and indicate whether they need assistance with their order.

We already know you’re obsessed with your customers.

What about your employees?

Improving your employee experience means improving your customer experience.

Our manager dashboard creates a traffic control-like experience that tracks order progress, average wait time, employees on duty, and other key metrics to ensure customer satisfaction.

We know store associate satisfaction matters, too. Through the employee dashboard, staffers can assess personal performance and step up to fill gaps in the order queue.

When employees go the extra mile to provide a great customer experience, the app’s interstitials and modals deliver that positive feedback to associates and managers alike.

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