Air travel can be difficult.

We think it can be fun.

In our pilot episode, Senior Product Designer Aubrie Phillips leads a team as they revisit the air travel journey. Breaking it down to a truly door-to-door experience, the team identifies pain points that begin well before the airport—from packing and weighing luggage at home to finally setting that baggage down inside a hotel room.

The WillowTree team also spends plenty of time analyzing what happens in the sky, developing innovative solutions for both travelers and flight attendants for easy customer service wins.

The resulting digital experience promises a wholly unique end-to-end experience sure to delight both passengers and personnel…if the team can finish in time.

Bag check + Vibe check.

From security lines to flight delays to screaming children, flying can make you feel like you’re out of control. That’s why we created the Pre-Flight Questionnaire, a place for travelers to share feedback on their emotional state and concerns about their flight experience. Responses go straight to the crew serving your flight.

A key part of delivering a great customer experience is knowing more about them. Our Partner App syncs directly with the Questionnaire data in each customer profile, giving the flight crew both a birds-eye “emotional heat map” and detailed view on how passengers are feeling. Is someone having a bad day in row 22? Just send them a complimentary beverage + 100 WT Air Miles and watch their demeanor shift.

Data from a Pre-Flight Questionnaire syncs with our Airline Partner App, helping flight crews understand and serve passengers.

A lot of the anxiety passengers feel comes from simply not knowing something—from timing to location to language. If we can put that information into the palm of their hand, and collect numerous features into a single app experience, it will lessen their worries and increase the joy of air travel.”

Traveling to a new country is both fun and intimidating, and language barriers can make navigating the airport an overwhelming experience. Our app includes a Cross-cultural Guide and Translator feature, including a tool displaying frequently asked questions in a variety of languages.

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