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The development of AI is as fundamental as the creation of the microprocessor, the personal computer, the Internet, and the mobile phone.”
- Bill Gates

WillowTree’s global data and AI practice has long partnered with clients to build and deploy artificial intelligence and machine learning across industries and use cases — from optimizing the next generation of credit scoring for a Big 3 credit bureau to enhancing clinical diagnoses with a leading medical equipment manufacturer.

The advent of generative AI promises even further opportunities for innovation across business models, customer journeys, and internal workflows. It also poses unique challenges, from governance and security to bias and hallucinations. Our multidisciplinary teams seamlessly blend data science, engineering, strategy, and experience design to accelerate AI roadmaps responsibly and securely.

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Articulating an AI Strategy

Explore huge market opportunities and potential risks, identifying generative AI use cases for immediate impact.

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Augmenting Data & AI Teams

Tap flexible, scalable collaboration models to bolster existing teams and accelerate product roadmaps.

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Building AI Foundations

Prepare your data, your people, and your processes for successful AI integration and deployment.

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Deploying AI Products & Experiences

Complete rapid-prototyping sprints to quickly deploy an MVP that propels business forward.

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Articulating an AI Strategy.

While speed is crucial, an intentional, strategic approach to generative AI entails identifying and prioritizing use cases most suitable for deploying across the enterprise. Organizations must use the lens of ROI to create alignment among stakeholders.

An optimal strategy engagement also means establishing responsible governance and risk mitigation strategies: providing a framework for decision-making, ensuring high ethical standards, and addressing potential risks associated with using AI.

In instances where AI has already been deployed, it's important to audit and assess existing implementations to identify successes, improvements, or potential issues, laying a solid foundation for progress and continuous improvement.

Getting Started: WillowTree's "AI Intent" Workshop

In this collaborative session (in-person or virtual), WillowTree’s multidisciplinary AI experts will:

  • Explore your organization’s unique North Star goals and market opportunities
  • Identify a focused set of AI use cases
  • Pinpoint potential risks and guardrails with our AI security assessment
  • Generate actionable design prototypes
  • Export viable concepts to production flows for MVP tools providing immediate value
  • Develop a strategic roadmap to keep pace with future AI transformation

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Augmenting Data & AI Teams.

Flexible, scalable collaboration models

With demand for data and AI talent far outstripping supply, WillowTree has assembled a world-class team, hiring less than 2% of applicants yearly. Our global practitioners have advanced degrees in statistics, machine learning, data engineering, and computer science and a track record of advancing clients’ data and AI efforts across use cases and sectors. Through our flexible staffing models, we can plug into existing teams and programs, filling gaps and swiftly moving things forward.

Autonomous squads
Accelerate roadmaps and scaled programs with self-contained, pre-normed delivery teams.
Staff augmentation
Bolster your data teams with world-class data engineers and scientists.
Project delivery
Support the entire data lifecycle, from strategy and early PoCs, to execution and optimization.

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Building AI Foundations.

Before you can harness the power of artificial intelligence, it’s critical that you set the groundwork for success. We call this ‘eating your vegetables’.”

– Patrick Wright, WillowTree Chief Data and AI Officer

Prepare Your Data

Today’s large enterprises have reams of data stored in dozens or even hundreds of physical and digital locations. Data readiness is crucial. Identifying, gathering, aggregating, and making sense of this data is a key step in training any LLM and ultimately deploying an effective AI tool.

WillowTree’s data engineering practice modernizes pipelines, architects data lakes, and brings MLOps best practices, while our parent company TELUS International’s capabilities in data collection, data annotation, and data validation ensure the necessary data is available and high-quality.

Prepare Your People

Organizational culture is one of the hardest things to change, and entrenched practices can ultimately impede progress. WillowTree’s change management experts conduct trainings to get client teams over this hump, helping them adopt the latest tools to automate rote tasks and realize massive efficiency gains.

Prepare Your Processes

From software design and delivery to marketing campaign execution, we map workflows and insert generative AI tools to accelerate time to value. In our own AI-driven software development lifecycle with clients, we are seeing the following productivity gains:

Defining Feature Flows

Quickly specify UX flows, reducing iteration cycles and driving velocity to first user test.


Massively accelerate first-draft labels, descriptions, and microcopy.

Placeholder Images Feedback

Generate For Placement Only (FPO) images, investing time saved in further UI iteration.

Prototype User Interfaces in Code

Translate descriptions of UI elements into code, enabling rapid prototyping and iteration.

Write Boilerplate Code

Configure frameworks, import libraries, and set default behaviors.

Generate Unit and Feature Tests

Verify behaviors, catch regressions, and recommend updates.


Strengthen your foundation.

From an AI Tooling Jumpstart to an Enterprise Data Audit, schedule a session with our experts to ensure readiness of your people, processes, and data.

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Deploying AI Products & Experiences.

Generative AI excels at content creation, distillation, organization and suggestion. We are partnering with clients to enhance their existing products and experiences with AI-enabled features, or build new, differentiated products that further delight users and propels their business forward.

WillowTree has recently partnered with clients to deploy AI solutions:

  • Massively reducing call center costs through enhanced self-service tools, virtual agents, and AI-empowered service representatives.
  • Enabling commercial underwriting in agriculture through the use of satellite data and computer vision — lowering the cost to underwrite at scale and reducing risk.
  • Optimizing complex buying flows (think: hotel bookings, food ordering, fashion purchases) through ‘conversational commerce,’ accelerating the speed of product discovery and selection while increasing conversion rates and reducing cart abandonment.
  • Accelerating the development of training materials by organizing, repurposing, and manipulating content.
  • Implementing AI-powered multimodal voice solutions to optimize for speed, safety, and accessibility.

WillowTree is implementing AI services where inputs and outputs include proprietary development code, internal databases, calendars, and other non-text-based functions. We then take these non-text datasets and build a system of intelligent prompting and re-prompting. This is where the exciting, business-critical innovations are happening."

– Michael Freenor, WillowTree Principal Data Scientist

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Schedule an AI rapid prototyping sprint to quickly get to an MVP for immediate impact.

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Case Studies.

Partnering with a top Global Credit Reporting Company

Modernizing data pipelines and ML infrastructure.

Data is intrinsic to building consumer credit. Just ask one of our recent clients, a renowned data analytics and consumer credit reporting firm. Via its credit monitoring system, our client informs 3.6 billion credit decisions annually, protecting 134 million consumers from fraud. The industry-leading firm asked WillowTree to modernize its entire data infrastructure by incorporating modern machine learning capabilities and best practices. In doing so, we delivered tangible and significant business outcomes.

We analyzed massive amounts of historical data to automate quantitative reports in a fraction of the time."

– Renato Vicente, WillowTree AI and Data Practices Leader

reduction in processing times
3 months
to rapidly rebuild data infrastructure from scratch
50 datasets
added and processed within six months
100 models
deployed to business users

Incorporating data into a powerful UX for tomorrow's electrical grid.

Schneider is a global leader in transformational digital energy management and automation. The firm asked WillowTree to reimagine the front-end UX of an emerging micro-grid product. In just four weeks, WillowTree created a working prototype of the redesigned dashboard, featuring data visualizations that power deeper intelligence among external users and internal business units.

Now, we’re partnering with Schneider to perform technical and user research that will inform the MVP for its forthcoming, modernized micro-grid software product.

Data is only valuable if it is actionable. Our prototype focused on the needs of Schneider's end users and applied best practices in data visualization so they could quickly and easily understand microgrid performance and take action to optimize for resilience, savings, or environmental impact."

– Susannah Derr, WillowTree Senior Analytics Architect

You can’t fix what you don’t measure.

Sigma Squared combines leading-edge data science from Equal Opportunity Ventures with digital expertise from WillowTree. Our modern platform identifies disparity, determines root causes, and delivers personalized solutions proven to increase equity and optimize talent.

Our new GPT-enabled “Siggy” feature allows users to ask questions using natural language, run that query off an underlying database, retrieve a precise result, and share back with context and prompts. Siggy can report on the statistical significance of the results and even suggest prompts for additional inquiry, helping HR teams arrive at actionable results much more efficiently.

With rapid prototyping and model training, this Natural Language Processing (NLP) solution allowed our client to accelerate the extraction of intent and entity classifications from six weeks to two days.”

– Michael Freenor, WillowTree Principal Data Scientist

WillowTree GenAI Insights.

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