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September 6, 2023

The Secrets of Customer-Centric Branding feat. Saks OFF 5th Chief Marketing and Analytics Officer Sara Griffin

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Fashion retail is notoriously competitive and constantly evolving, creating many unique challenges for marketers. With the largely forgotten in-store experience taking a backseat to its digital counterpart, how do we bridge that gap? Ultimately, in today’s climate, success comes down to effectively using technology to gain customer insight.

For Sara Griffin, Chief Marketing and Analytics Officer at Saks Off 5th, data-driven decisions and personalized customer experiences reign supreme. Sara calls customer-centric marketing her “North Star,” as evinced by the loyalty program she launched a year ago, amassing 2.7 million members. As a leader in marketing and analytics, Sara dives deep into the company’s move from segmentation to personalization and the robust customer research behind this evolution that has earned Saks Off 5th a competitive edge in the dynamic fashion retail industry.

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Topics Discussed
  • How to launch a successful customer-centric loyalty program
  • The potential of artificial intelligence in driving personalized marketing
  • How customer research affects every aspect of branding

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