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August 30, 2023

Finance MarTech and AI Experimentation feat. M&T Bank's Chris O'Brien

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We’re back with Season 3 of Room For Growth, taking a deep dive into the financial services industry with Chris O’Brien from M&T Bank.

With artificial intelligence proliferating in more and more industries, many financial marketers are in a test-and-learn phase to discover AI use cases with truly impactful business outcomes. In contrast, large banks have begun leveraging AI to tailor messaging based on customer behavior. In turn, there may be a major opportunity to maximize the use of business intelligence tools and the resulting data analytics to further optimize targeted segmentation efforts.

Chris O'Brien, Senior Product Manager at M&T Bank, is optimistic about AI’s future in this space, especially with use cases like content generation and experimentation as drivers for operational efficiency and growth. His role as a MarTech strategist directly addresses the challenges of balancing centralized control and agility while maintaining trust as well as making investment decisions in a limited-budget environment. With the financial industry’s increased capacity to collect and analyze behavioral data, firms will have to decide on the importance they place on segmentation versus one-to-one personalization. In the end, Chris believes that aligning MarTech strategy with business goals and customer needs is paramount.

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Topics Discussed
  • The role of AI and emerging technologies in understanding customers
  • Trends and challenges in Finance MarTech
  • How to adapt to changing customer behaviors
  • Examples of AI integration in business systems

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