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December 14, 2022

Telling Joyful Stories feat. Wicked Kitchen’s VP of Marketing Jeff Tang

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Grocery shopping is one of Jeff Tang’s favorite past-times. As VP of Marketing and Revenue Generation for the plant-based food startup Wicked Kitchen, it’s a “lost art” that offers a window into the way CPG companies and consumers think. And, it’s one way that brands can build authentic connections with consumers — a strategy that underpins Jeff’s human-centric approach to digital marketing in the quick service retail (QSR) space.

As a former Emmy-winning journalist who cut his marketing chops at General Mills and Clif Bar, Jeff believes marketing must fulfill consumers’ functional, social, and emotional needs first. He joins Billie and Billy to explore global customer acquisition in the vegan food space, how a meaningful founder story can spark a startup’s growth, and (perhaps most notable for our vegan-curious, sweet-toothed listeners) where you can find Wicked Kitchen’s vegan ice cream that Jeff claims will change your world.

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Topics Discussed
  • The critical building blocks in a data-driven marketing strategy
  • Brand integrity, credibility, and inclusion as a means to drive marketing ROI
  • How the “jobs to be done” framework structures personalization, customer acquisition, and conversion
  • Why appealing to consumer emotion drive deep brand loyalty

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