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December 7, 2022

Demystifying Customer Data Platforms feat. mParticle CEO Michael Katz

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The customer data platform (CDP) space is crowded and confusing. Do CDPs drive ROI? Will they even be relevant in five years? (Spoiler alert: The answer to both questions is “Yes, and…”) This week, mParticle CEO Michael Katz brings clarity to what’s become a controversial topic in the technology space. At its core, mParticle is a CDP that gathers data across diverse sources and organizes that into individual profiles to inform audience segmentation, custom attributes, marketing redeploys, and more.

Before Michael launched and grew mParticle, he founded InterCLICK, an advertising technology company that grew revenue by 7x in two years, went public, and was sold to Yahoo for $270 million. At one point, Michael was the youngest CEO on Nasdaq. Hear Michael’s leadership lessons, and how in spite of all of his entrepreneurial pursuits, he still manages to read a book a week. As Michael says, “It’s all interconnected.”

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Topics Discussed
  • The cyclical nature of the three primary CDP use cases: streamlining data collection, unifying data from different sources, and targeting custom audiences
  • How data strategies drive personalization and customer LTV
  • Using your tech stack to create trust, transparency, and control


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