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November 16, 2022

Food is Fun feat. Lynn Blashford, CMO of White Castle

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What drives the deep craving for a White Castle burger? Why do “Cravers” wait in line for hours, even days, before the opening of a new location? And how has the 101-year-old, family-owned hamburger chain — the first in America — facilitated collabs with the likes of PUMA and Wu-Tang Clan? For Chief Marketing Officer Lynn Blashford, it’s a blend of the Castle’s distinct product offerings and unrivaled Craver passion that creates a perfect recipe for the brand to reach new heights in quick service retail (QSR) locations in the Midwest and coast-to-coast go-to grocery markets.

Lynn and Billy discuss the niche, nuanced definition of a “cult-like” brand, the importance of trial-and-error in building loyalty programs, and how White Castle has among the lowest employee turnover in the industry. Word to the wise before you start this episode: make sure you have a 10-pack of sliders heating up in the microwave. You’ll definitely be craving them by the end of this delectable episode. 

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Topics Discussed
  • Leveraging partnerships to introduce your brand to new, passionate consumers in other industries
  • Establishing multi-generational brand loyalty 
  • Driving innovation through flat organizational structure, accessible leadership, and cross-functional collaboration
  • Anticipating and pivoting to online ordering during the height of the pandemic


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