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November 9, 2022

Always in Experimentation Mode feat. Ashley Elleby of Amazon Music

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Ashley Elleby wants Amazon Music to differentiate rather than duplicate. As Global Head of Lifecycle Marketing at Amazon Music, she drives customer awareness of and engagement with the retailer’s ad-free and unlimited music streaming platform for Prime members. It’s a tall order, but as Ashley discusses, her bias toward action comes with a big reward: it’s the same “no fear” mindset she had as a college athlete, engineering student, MBA grad, fashion founder, former Google marketer, and mentor for underrepresented communities in tech.

We’ll explore how Ashley helps Amazon Music surprise and delight its customers amid the cacophonous, competitive landscape of music streaming services. We discuss metrics to determine customer LTV, the benefits of speaking the language of engineers, marketers, and executive leadership, and how to hit the mute button on all of our annoying internal “What ifs?”

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Topics Discussed
  • Balancing customer personalization with corporate monetization in the music industry
  • Empowering black and brown people and women in the tech sector
  • How foresight, creativity, and collaboration help product teams progress
  • Why past marketing performance isn’t always an indicator of future success
  • The extreme care and audience specificity growth marketers must bring to channels like email, push notifications, and splash screens


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