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October 26, 2022

Web3 is a Vibe feat. Serial Entrepreneur David Leiberman

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For David Leiberman, Web3 and music share more similarities than differences. Notably, they connect, empower, and inspire. That’s at the core of the three chart-topping apps that David launched with co-founder Sammy Rubin: the kids’s music and illustration app Mibblio, short-form video creation and editing platform Triller, and Disney Karaoke: Frozen(no explanation needed). Here, David reveals how he and co-creator Sammy Rubin’s products garnered accolades like the highest-grossing app in 100 countries and a surprise feature in the iOS App Store. Hint: it involves a little bit of marketing magic. 

Now, David’s about to launch another big product: Think next-gen Discord — a chat platform designed to empower and connect Web3 and NFT communities that put data ownership back in the hands of the individual. Did we just hear a collective gasp from growth marketers everywhere?

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Topics Discussed
  • The best Web3 definition we’ve ever heard
  • The marketing brilliance of Taylor Swift’s Midnights album
  • The most embarrassing app Billy uses every day
  • Structured creativity in the music industry and childhood education spaces
  • Metrics to measure an app’s “stickiness” — they’re probably not what you think


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