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October 5, 2022

Getting Gritty feat. WillowTree's Caitlin Watson

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Being both a beloved people manager and a lifecycle marketing visionary is a major balancing act. How do we find the balance? Our guest this week, WillowTree’s Associate Growth Director Caitlin Watson shares her secret: it’s all about grit.

Growing up in Philadelphia and being raised by two "gritty" individuals shaped how Caitlin sees the world and approaches her varied roles as a marketer and manager. We discuss how this same learned characteristic of grit can make us better marketers and extend to our everyday lives outside the workplace.

Listen to learn more. And let us know what you think.

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Topics Discussed
  • How a gritty mindset can push brands to experiment, fail, learn, and try again
  • Moving through ambiguity, incomplete data, and subjective creative work with resilience
  • How to stay focused on "outcomes" and "strength of ideas" without being a jerk—and how to coach teams and brands to do the same
  • Frameworks for judging the impact of campaigns in subjective spaces

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Join WillowTree experts Billie Loewen and Billy Fischer for a deep dive into growth marketing. In each episode, Billie and Billy will discuss the latest news and topics in lifecycle marketing, chatting with a wide array of guests including WillowTree colleagues, client-partners, and industry thought leaders. Let's grow!

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