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January 25, 2023

2023 MarTech Predictions with WillowTree’s Billie Loewen & Billy Fischer

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Sure, January has nearly come and gone (thank goodness…), but there’s still plenty of time left in the year to incorporate these emerging MarTech trends into your growth marketing strategy. On the heels of CES 2023, growth marketing experts Billy Fischer and Billie Loewen share the digital products that drove the most buzz at the most influential tech event in the world and dive deeper into their predictions and recommendations for the year ahead. 

From facilitating more co-branded partnership experiences to restructuring and revitalizing your brand’s loyalty program to anticipating big-name mergers and acquisitions, there are a lot of exciting developments in store for the rest of 2023.

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Topics Discussed
  • Why brands will need to demonstrate ROI of COVID-driven digital investments, and sooner rather than later
  • How recent conversations around social media regulation might inspire changes in influencer marketing tactics
  • The increasing impact of emotionally- and ethically-driven brand loyalty
  • Billy’s favorite digital products and experiences from CES 2023, where WillowTree unveiled its new Voice Innovation Team

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Billie Loewen
Billy Fischer
Show Description

Join WillowTree experts Billie Loewen and Billy Fischer for a deep dive into growth marketing. In each episode, Billie and Billy will discuss the latest news and topics in lifecycle marketing, chatting with a wide array of guests including WillowTree colleagues, client-partners, and industry thought leaders. Let's grow!

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