Our 2021 Equal Pay Day Report

Image Source: Equal Pay Today!

Equal Pay Day marks a crucial time for awareness and action to address the gender pay gap between women and non-binary individuals and men. The day of the year on which Equal Pay Day falls, this year March 24, signifies how far into the new year the average woman must work to be paid what the average man was paid the previous year. Today, women working full time, year-round, are paid 82 cents for every dollar paid to men — and the disparity is even more acute for women of color.

This year’s Equal Pay Day holds particular significance as the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on women and gender minorities in the workplace has become more widely known over the past few months. As of the end of 2020, women had lost over 5 million net jobs, and account for nearly 54% of the overall net job losses since the beginning of the crisis. It’s estimated that 2 million women have permanently left the workforce as a result of the pandemic.

It’s more important than ever for companies to commit to transparency and action in an effort to address the gender pay gap. Since 2018, WillowTree has published our pay data by self-identified gender to outline the pay differences between genders by job title for various levels of seniority.

This year, we’ve changed the format in an effort to share even more of our pay data while also ensuring anonymity for our team.

The below chart reports the average compensation % differential by job title where we have at least 2 genders represented so there is a comparison. Each cell in the below chart represents a title — we removed the actual job title since many of these do not meet the anonymity threshold of 4 in each data point.

WT equal pay data

As you can see, there are 21 roles in which the average female/non-binary salary is greater than the average male salary for the same title, and 13 roles where the average male salary is greater than the average female/non-binary salary for the same title. This data helps our teams understand what progress we’ve made and the work we still need to do to address the gender pay gap.

Of course, compensation is one aspect of a job, so we continue to extend resources across WillowTree to support DEI and battle unconscious biases. This year, we’re renewing our partnership with Catalyst to support the #BiasCorrect Slack integration, as well as partnering with consultants and companies like Paradigm to create and launch Inclusive Performance Management training for managers at WillowTree.

There’s always work to be done — and we’ll continue to invest our energy and resources to ensure that WillowTree is a great place to work for everyone.

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