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February 25 – 28  •  Los Angeles

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WillowTree’s healthcare tech expertise runs deep

Patient experience & engagement

Building digital tools that drive patient satisfaction and retention, reducing cost of care.

Provider & employee enablement

Providing health workers cutting edge software that improves employee retention to reduce operating costs.

Benefits & claims management

Creating self-service experiences that are easy to navigate and use, mitigating administrative burden.

Connected health

Integrating physical and digital with smart software that improves health outcomes and experience.

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Kevin Punwasi

Marketing Services Lead

Sydnor Gammon

Health & Wellness Lead

Patrick Higgins

Data & AI Lead

Rachel Starnes

Design Lead

Insights from WillowTree

Case Studies

A Holistic View of Digital Healthcare.

After working with a major insurer to implement enterprise design work for their customer-facing behavioral health offering, our client asked us to help determine how AI can and should be used to enhance the broader customer experience. We are now working with C-level executive leadership to drive their vision of AI in healthcare for the next decade.

Accelerating Testing and Market Adoption.

For consumer healthcare applications that rely on real-time communication with wearables, zero bug tolerance is essential. WillowTree accelerated development of the companion app for Dexcom’s G7 continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) system for diabetes, while significantly improving testing cycles to help navigate FDA approvals and boost adoption among users worldwide.

of people on Dexcom G7 say it’s easy to use
Reduction in testing time due to test automation

AI Intent & Use Case Workshops.

WillowTree’s two-day AI Intent Workshop convened McGraw Hill stakeholders to establish a crawl-walk-run approach to generative AI, outlining opportunities to enhance their educational offerings while keeping a firm eye on AI ethics and governance.

”The transformative workshop with WillowTree ignited our journey into AI, inspiring an innovative product development roadmap. The team left with powerful AI knowledge, contextualized to our industry, and with loads of enthusiasm for its potential to impact our education business.”

— Amanda Peck, SVP, McGraw Hill Professionalblock.

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