Room For Growth, Episode 9

Room For Growth

Episode 9  |  August 31, 2022  (62 min)

Redefining Success feat. Author and CEO Tim Schurrer

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Episode Description

From singer-songwriter to author-CEO? In this week’s episode, Billie and Billy speak with Tim Schurrer of David Novak Leadership, and unpack his untraditional career path, exploring the ways that failure shapes us and the benefits of servant leadership.

Tim's book, The Secret Society of Success: Stop Chasing the Spotlight and Learn to Enjoy Your Work (and Life) Again, reframes what it means to be successful. Sharing powerful stories from CEOs (Apple’s Tim Cook and Ford’s Alan Mulally), all-star athletes (LeBron James), and cultural icons (Fred Rogers), Tim teaches readers how to capture meaningful and sustainable success by joining what he calls The Secret Society—a community of people who know how to make an impact, whether or not they have the spotlight.

Can't get enough of Tim? Grab a copy of The Secret Society here, or check out his podcast, Build a Winning Team.

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Topics Discussed
  • Billie and Billy’s distinct leadership styles as seen through the lens of WillowTree’s core values such as like Realistic Optimism and Craft
  • The unspoken stress of pushing send on a client’s massive email campaign
  • The art of servant leadership
  • Coaching strong individual contributors in lessons of kindness, creating safety, recognition of work, and clarity of expectations
Billie Loewen
Billy Fischer
Show Description

Join WillowTree experts Billie Loewen and Billy Fischer for a deep dive into growth marketing. In each episode, Billie and Billy will discuss the latest news and topics in lifecycle marketing, chatting with a wide array of guests including WillowTree colleagues, client-partners, and industry thought leaders. Let's grow!

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