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Insights from WillowTree

Because we all want to be heard.

When former WillowTree designer Matt Kubota’s partner Ana was diagnosed with Guillain-Barré Syndrome, we knew we had to help. The rare autoimmune disorder left Ana temporarily paralyzed and unable to speak. Ana and her caregivers looked to augmented and alternative communication (AAC) devices, but as they discovered, these devices are expensive, bulky, and outdated.

Matt knew he and the WillowTree team could create a better solution for AAC users like Ana. That vision became the Vocable AAC app.

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Design That Elevates Patient Empathy and Medical Expertise.

Ermi’s cutting-edge medical devices and support services help patients with severe motion loss return to the activities that make their lives complete. As Ermi aimed to expand its reach, patients hoped for a more empathetic narrative, physicians sought human-centered results, and insurance payors needed clear cost savings. We teamed up with Ermi to transform its entire brand — story, creative, and web presence — all thoughtfully designed to deliver Ermi’s solutions to a broader audience.