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Backend Software Engineer

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Backend Software Engineer

At the foundation of every interesting and valuable mobile experience is a powerful backend. Architecting and building robust, fault-tolerant, scalable mobile server-side solutions requires expertise and attention to detail. If you are annoyed by software that fails or is painfully slow when people actually use it - and you understand that anything short of optimal performance will ruin any mobile experience, every time - then you should join WillowTree and help us form the best mobile backend engineering team in the world. We will build secure, scalable solutions for our clients that work great now and contemplate the future, and always outclass their competition. It’s a tall order but at WillowTree it’s what we do every single day.

If you have the talent and experience for this position, we’d like to talk to you.

Successful applicants:

  • Are passionate about durable, secure, scalable systems that are always up and running
  • Get excited by load tests throwing hundreds of thousands of users at your service - and your service never breaking a sweat
  • Understand “traditional” Java Enterprise development and deployment approaches (JBoss, Weblogic, EJB) coupled with an approach that considers modern, lightweight, flexible deployments (Dropwizard, Jetty)
  • Have expert knowledge of relational databases - schema design, index strategy, querying, and performance tuning - there’s nothing SQL can do that you can’t do with it

Must haves:

  • A breadth of experience with languages such as Go, C++, or one of the JVM languages, such as Java
  • Experience with production AWS or Azure deployments
  • Experience automating large-scale systems with Ansible, Chef, or Puppet
  • Experience designing, building, deploying and scaling fault tolerant systems used in production by a large base of users
  • A deep understanding of REST and API design, that extends beyond buzzwords

Bonus points:

  • Production work with NoSQL data solutions - e.g., Couchbase, Cassandra, MarkLogic
  • Expertise with search engines - e.g., Elasticsearch, Solr
  • Production Big Data deployments using Hadoop - MapReduce or Streaming
  • Experience with container-based deployment - e.g., Docker
  • Experience with self-healing systems - e.g., Akka
  • Experience with functional languages
  • Experience and understanding of performance monitoring tools
  • Along with your resume, please include your GitHub account if you have one, as well as any relevant application or code samples.

About WillowTree:

Founded in 2008, WillowTree is a mobile design and development agency whose mission is to bring together a team of smart, motivated people who take pride in their work and strive to be the best in mobile. We cultivate a collaborative environment that focuses on continuous learning and unlimited opportunities to have a huge impact; and, of course, we also ship lots of code!

At WillowTree, we work with companies like Zappos, PepsiCo, HBO, and Mattel to solve real-world product strategy, design, and technical problems. There's always something new and exciting to work on, and the results of our efforts get shipped to users' devices every day.

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