Mobile Strategy – How to Build and Sell?

The world wide web has been tossed, turned, recycled, spat out, and chewed again as an advertising medium.  Between PPC, banners, pop-ups, pop-unders, homepage takeovers, and now QR Codes […]

A Facebook SmartPhone – This is Not a Prank Call.

Yes, the title is accurate.  According to a new article from Mobile Marketer by Chantal Tode, Facebook is reportedly on the way to partnering up with HTC to deliver […]

Mobile users upset about load times — how to fix

Sometimes the mobile web feels like the world wide wait of 1997.  Another study released today (at Online Media Daily) confirms mobile load times, whether mobile web site or […]

What makes a great iPhone developer?

Potential clients always ask us, “what makes you different from other mobile app development companies?”  and “what is the difference between a good and a great app developer?”  There […]