This Week in Mobile December 3rd – December 10th – Our weekly post on mobile news. You can expect a new post every Monday morning giving a brief summary of what happened the previous week in the mobile space along with links for more information. If you think we missed anything important, leave a comment or send us a tweet @willowtreeapps. Here’s what happened this week…


- Nelson released new statistics on Tablet and smartphone usage, showing that 85% of people use their devices’ while watching TV, and 40% do so daily.

- Mobile Advertising company Chitika released the results of a 6 month study on mobile browsing showing that iOS is still way ahead of Android in mobile web browsing.


- Discover Card began rolling out Passbook integration this week, the second credit card company after AmEx to take advantage of Apple’s new system. RE/MAX has also begun equipping its agents with Passbook business cards.

- USPTO has raised concerns over Apple’s multi-touch patent, which could lead to its invalidation if Apple is unable to answer to the USPTO’s concerns.

- The iPhone 5 is back in stock in many major countries.

Security staff watch over a crowd gathered for the opening of a new Apple store in Beijing’s Wangfujing shopping district October 20, 2012. REUTERS/David Gray

- Apple fell to 6th place in the Chinese Smartphone market, behind local names like Samsung and Huawei.

- T-Mobile will start carrying Apple products after the two reached an agreement.


- The Premium Suite Upgrade for Galaxy S III devices launched this week, allowing users to run two windowed apps at the same time among other features.

Windows Phone:

- Nokia revealed the Lumia 620 this week, a low cost option for WP8.

The new Lumia 620 is Nokia’s newest low entry level smartphone.


- Microsoft’s #DroidRage compaign, which rewards tweets complaining about Android phones, has begun backfiring on Twitter.

- Nokia sold its headquarters to bolster its company’s finances.

New and Notable Apps:

- Twitter plans on releasing photo filters before the Holidays to compete with Instagram. This news comes after Instagram made changes to be less compatible with Twitter.

- Square added Gift Cards and Passbook functionality this week.

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