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3 Lessons Learned about Chromecast Design

As a UX designer at WillowTree Apps, there are always a plethora of interesting projects going on throughout the office. Recently, one of these projects had our team very […]

Introducing: Saguaro for Android

Update (6/30/2014): We’ve released Saguaro version 1.0.1, which fixes issues with the Gradle plugin dependencies, and also brings along some extra niceties for additional customization within your projects. Check […]

Why Swift?

Apple’s decision to launch Swift – why? From Apple’s perspective there are several major reasons to dramatically introduce a complete new language for their platform: improve the safety and […]

Collections in Swift

Arrays and dictionaries are the most common data stores in many applications. Swift has brought us a new generation of these collections, so let’s take a look at how […]

Coding Swiftly

With the release of Apple’s new programming language, Swift, there has been a buzz around all of the new features that this powerful new language provides.  As an iOS […]