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Coding Swiftly

With the release of Apple’s new programming language, Swift, there has been a buzz around all of the new features that this powerful new language provides.  As an iOS […]

Swift Tutorial: How To Implement Your Own While Loop

Trailing closures make some cool things possible in Swift that we didn’t have in Objective C. We can now make libraries that look a lot like language built-ins. Think […]

10 Ways to Write a Trailing Closure in Swift

Swift How-To: Writing Trailing Closures One of the initial takeaways from our first day getting hands-on with Swift is that there are a lot of ways to accomplish most tasks. […]

WWDC 2014 Preview: 4 “Smart Home” Wishes

The dawning of the age of “internet of things” evokes excitement for those who have always dreamt of marrying finger-tip control to their real-world environment. A cruise down the […]

3 Steps To Running Design Studio Workshops

At WillowTree, our team is fortunate to work with brilliant design and engineering teams from a wide variety of industries including healthcare, enterprise, media/entertainment, government and education, to name just a few. While each […]