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Where is HealthKit Going?

It’s been a few months now since Apple unveiled their first foray into the multi-trillion dollar health sector with HealthKit, but it’s still difficult to say what they have […]

iOS 8 First Look: Apple Pay – Top 3 Things to Know

Beyond the exciting news surrounding the Apple Watch and iPhone 6, Apple’s announcement of their new Apple Pay platform is arguably one of most revolutionary changes out of this year’s iOS 8 event. […]

Apple’s iOS 8 announcement: developer first impressions

Apple fans across the world were treated to a number of exciting announcements at today’s iOS 8 event. Our team is excited by all of Apple’s news too and we’ll be covering […]

What to Expect When You Are Expecting iOS 8

In 2013, many leading apps were sent scrambling to make emergency updates when Apple drastically redefined their user interface with the release of iOS 7. Apple will officially unveil […]