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The Android Runtime: The Butter We’ve All Been Waiting For

An important announcement for Android developers from this year’s Google I/O was the full rollout of the Android runtime (ART).  ART significantly improves Android’s performance, increasing application speed and […]

3 Important Design Innovations in Android L

Google I/O preview of Android L has created a great deal of excitement for mobile app designers everywhere. The changes seen in the preview of Android L (I’m rooting […]

A Bright New Future with Android Auto

Car interfaces have a tendency to lag behind when it comes to usability and functionality. Historically, they’ve all been very custom implementations with no interoperability with other systems. This […]

Designing for Android Wear

Wearables are the next big thing. Never a step behind, Google finally announced their operating system for smartwatches and other future wearables: Android Wear. As designers, when designing for these […]

Google I/O From the Trenches: Android TV

Google I/O From the Trenches: Android TV One major announcement out of Google I/O this year was Android TV. I want to talk a bit about the Android TV […]