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Three-Peat Inc. 500|5000 Victory for WillowTree

We’re proud to announce that WillowTree has been recognized for the third-consecutive year as one of America’s fastest-growing private companies on the 2014 Inc. 5000 List. This year we […]

Intelligent Mixins with Backbone

A common problem you will face when developing Backbone applications is deciding where to put shared logic. At first blush, inheritance (via extend) can solve most of your problems. […]

Enterprise Integration for Mobile Applications

Integration challenges and solutions come in a wide range of scope and complexity–from multi-year, multi-million dollar engineering engagements to scripts that scrape a screen every hour on a cron […]

WillowTree Labs: Smart Bathrooms and the Raspberry Pi

This is our first installation of WillowTree Labs, a recurring blog post series in which we will discuss the details of our quarterly internal research projects. Each project is voted […]

The Android Runtime: The Butter We’ve All Been Waiting For

An important announcement for Android developers from this year’s Google I/O was the full rollout of the Android runtime (ART).  ART significantly improves Android’s performance, increasing application speed and […]