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A Beginner’s Guide to Great Visual Design

Recently, a friend of mine asked if I would take a look at an app he was developing. He didn’t have much design knowledge and needed advice on how […]

Organizing Automated Tests with Page Object Model

In the world of test automation, Selenium Webdriver has become the standard tool for testing web applications. Selenium’s success comes from its multi-platform support, ability to test across a […]

Palette vs. The Dress: What Color Does Android See?

It’s black and blue. That’s what Taylor Swift says. If that’s not enough for you, that’s also what the actual product listing says. But what does Android see? Using the […]

Muzei-esque Animated SVG Drawing for Android

  A while back, the singular Roman Nurik released an open source live wallpaper called Muzei, which showcases famous works of art on your Android home screen and provides […]

Get Web Automation off the Ground with the Helium API

So, you need to automate, and you have never written a line of code before or it’s been a while. Fortunately, this isn’t a problem. The Helium API gives you simple […]