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Field Solutions

Field Solutions

We have the ability to reengineer large field sales and services teams by leveraging mobile tied into existing systems, with a goal of at least 10X ROI.
Empowering Sales for AOL
Driving ROI in the Field for Gexpro

Mobile Platforms and Connected Devices

Mobile Platforms and Connected Devices

We are able to prototype and launch powerful applications that interface with existing devices and systems.

Keeping GE Connected
Partnership with Microchip

Media Delivery

Media Delivery

We can deliver incredible media and entertainment experiences to every screen. Our solutions are beautiful, fast, stable, and secure.

Delivering Video to Mobile
Mobile Video

We Set Ourselves Apart Through:

Our Value Stack

With hundreds of deployments, we‘ve accumulated a powerful library of code. Our tech stacks allow us to speed up development, deploy apps faster, and lower costs.

Co-Located Teams

Co-located teams significantly outperform distributed teams. Each of our employees work on site in the same office, on every project.

Cost Efficiency

The benefit of setting up shop in a small college town is that our costs are lower, making your costs lower too.

Emphasis on ROI

We solve real business problems with a focus on delivering measurable ROI on every project.

User-Centered Design

Whether it’s consumer adoption or employee adoption, we understand that an app’s viability relies on the user’s enjoyment of it.

Rock-Solid Development

Built to last. A good-looking app is nothing without a rock-solid foundation of code. Repeat: nothing. We are no-holds-barred perfectionists on this front.

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